Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go Time in Columbia, SC

The two courses for this week's event in Columbia, South Carolina, are in prime condition for a great event. The University Club (Cobblestone Park, as it is now called) will play host to my first round tomorrow morning, while the Columbia Country Club will serve as the main host for the event. Both courses feature fast, grainy bermuda greens that are rolling great right now. The University Club is a very modern feeling golf course with huge elevation changes and a lot of dramatic-looking holes. The Columbia Country Club is a classic old-school type of course with tree-lined fairways and good, undulating greens. Both courses will be challenging right now because of the speedy and slopey greens, but I do believe that both offer the opportunity to shoot a good score. I get started tomorrow morning at the University Club at 8:20 a.m., and I'm going to play well! My game is great, and I'm really enjoying myself right now. I am going to stay relaxed, be confident, and have fun tomorrow. Come back here to hear about it in the evening!

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  1. good playing today. relax and go have fun. let the golf tournament come to u.


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