Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good Practice Rounds

I have played both courses that will be used for this week's Tarheel Tour event, and I am feeling ready to go. In the first round, I will play at the Sapona Country Club before going to the event's host course at the Country Club of Salisbury for my second round (and third and fourth rounds!). Both courses suit me very well, and the Country Club of Salisbury is absolutely my favorite type of golf course. It is short and fairly tight with some thick bermuda rough but still leaves the option of hitting quite a few drivers available. Sapona is also short and tight, but it is a little bit more "tricked-up" and requires a lot of iron shots off of the tee. Both courses feature very good greens with a lot of slopes and great run-offs around their edges. While the courses both offer a lot of short irons and wedges, a great deal of precision is required off of the tee and into the tricky putting surfaces, so this week should be a lot of fun.

I play tomorrow at 12:40 at Sapona and will play at 8:20 on Thursday at Salisbury. I had two good practice rounds, and I'm excited to have a good week. My strategy for the week is to pick an intelligently aggressive target on every shot and then swing fearlessly. Then I'm going to trust my line on every putt and roll each one confidently into the hole. It's going to be fun!

Check back tomorrow night for a good round one report!

**Next week I'm heading to another Tarheel Tour event in Carthage, North Carolina. Carthage is a small town in the Pinehurst area. Does anyone have a housing contact for me around Pinehurst? Thank you!

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