Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I played nicely today. My thought over every shot was, "here's my ball; there's my target; GO!" I've been playing so great in my practice rounds and when practicing on my own, so I'm determined not to over-think shots just because the tournament has begun. The plan worked quite well from a ball-striking standpoint. I hit the driver well and my iron play was very solid. Unfortunately, the Jackson course at Rock Barn requires good wedge play and putting to go low, and I was a little off in both of those areas. I hit a lot of wedge shots to 20 feet and made only one putt from that range all day. The end result was a disappointing total of three-under-par 68 on a golf course that yielded a plethora of low scores.

I'm very happy with the way I felt on the course today. I started very slowly and found myself one over through five holes. I remained patient, though, and made four birdies in the middle of my round before missing seven consecutive birdie putts of less than twenty feet on the last seven holes. I hit a lot of good putts, but they just weren't falling today. Tomorrow I am going to hit my wedges closer to the hole and make more putts!

I tee it up at 8:10 tomorrow morning and I am going to play a great round and get myself into contention this week! Check back here for the good news!

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