Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Super Bowl: I'm Disappointed but Inspired

As a big Peyton Manning and Colts fan, I was disappointed to watch the Super Bowl go south for Indy after a dominant first quarter, but I think the game revealed an inspirational truth about the world of sports: with the right work-ethic and a lot of heart, the underdog can win! The Saints obviously weren't huge underdogs in this specific game, but given the franchise's history and the hardships that they've gone through in the past few years, they were a great underdog story! Again, I'm not happy that the Colts lost, but it makes me feel good to see the Saints overcome long odds to reach the pinnacle of football.

It is a stretch of a comparison, but I feel like I, too, face long odds to reach my goal of being considered among the elites in my chosen sport of professional golf. Personally, however, I feel like I have the the right work-ethic and that "no-quit" spirit in my heart to realize that goal. The Saints did it, and I can, too!

I continued to have good days of practice at Callaway Gardens, despite some persisting cold and wet conditions. I did get completely rained out on Friday, but was able to play and practice both days on the weekend. I really enjoy practicing on the golf course, and I feel like I get a lot from that. I did a lot of work on my chipping and wedge play out on the course and can say that I feel as comfortable as I ever have around the greens right now. I need to work to dial in my medium-range wedge play, and my ball-striking still has a lot of improving to do, but I feel like everything is moving in the right direction.

I watched the Super Bowl and spent Sunday night with my sister just north of Atlanta and will be driving home to Dandridge, TN, in the morning. I'm very excited to see Bobbo and let him take a look at my game. I think he can put me on the fast track to finding "that lovin' feeling" with my ball-striking as well ensuring that all areas of my game look sound.

I've got one week before I will hit the road for the Tarheel Tour's first event in Hilton Head, SC. The weather does not look great in East Tennessee, but it will be good enough for me to keep getting better. I will do just that.

If the Saints can win a Super Bowl, Peter Malnati can make a Ryder Cup team. I truly believe that, though I'll start with a win on the Tarheel Tour this month! : )

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  1. Whatever happened to being a 49ers fan.... I mean I'm still Cowboys through and through!!


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