Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blown Away (Literally) in Round Two

The second round of the Savannah Quarters Classic was unlike any day I have ever before experienced in a golf tournament. Though it was in the low 30's with winds of 20-25 miles per hour in the morning, there were no delays. Then, shockingly at 10:50, after I had played six holes, the horn was blown to suspend play. We were told that balls which had come to rest were being blown off of the putting greens, and the courses were unplayable. So for four and a half hours we sat inside the clubhouse and looked out at a cloudless sky. It was bizarre.

I played nicely in the treacherous conditions this morning. After I butchered a simple up and down on my first hole of the day to make a bogey, I played the next five holes in the frigid wind at one-under to sit at even-par when play was suspended. I felt very relaxed during the break and even got a little bit of really good putting practice in while we were waiting, but when we took to the course again, I was unnerved from the get-go. I hit a few wayward shots in the wind, and also hit a few poor chip shots. The end result was a five-over-par 77.

I'm not yet certain whether or not my five-over-par total of 149 will make the cut. In all honesty, I'm not optimistic about it. Half of the field will have to complete their second round tomorrow morning, and the forecast is somewhat less ominous for tomorrow than it was for today. My wave of tee-times was certainly dealt a difficult lot in this tournament. We had to play our first round in a cold rain while the morning wave enjoyed warm sunshine, and today we were forced to endure severe cold and wind while the afternoon wave will play the majority of its second round tomorrow. I hate hate hate to make excuses when the bottom line is that I should have played better, but the point I'm trying to make is that I played way better than a five-over-par missed cut this week. So I am very encouraged moving forward!

Like I said, it's not certain that I have missed the cut. If conditions continue to worsen, it is conceivable that the cut line could dip as high as five-over-par tomorrow. I will not know until early afternoon. Either way, I feel good about my effort and the progress I've made, and it will be full steam ahead. I'm excited to keep getting better, and I'm particularly excited about the possibility (however slight) that I might get to keep competing this week!

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