Sunday, February 14, 2010

At Hilton Head, Feeling Great!

Well, it wasn't for a lack of effort (a sincere Thank You to my great support team who tried hard to find me a place to stay), but I'm settling into a cold hotel room for the week in Hilton Head, South Carolina. That is the only bit of bad news I could possibly have to convey, however. I feel great about the way my game has been progressing lately, and I cannot wait to get the Tarheel Tour season started!

After being forced by some snow into an indoor practice session on Wednesday, I was able to get outside and get a lot of work done on my game each day after that. The temperatures in Tennessee were not great, but never cold enough to prevent me from having very productive days of practice. I am finally settling into a comfort zone with my ball-striking. I have hit the ball better and better each day, and I really feel good standing over most shots for the first time all year. I have also worked a lot on my wedge play, and I feel that it and my chipping are both very good right now. The only frustrating thing from the past week has been a slightly balky putter, but I have no doubts that that area of my game will be just fine!

My game is all coming together. It doesn't quite feel as easy right now as it did last fall when I was playing at such a high level, but I'm getting those same sort of feelings back. I believe that I will be at and beyond that level again very soon. I fully expect to be in position to win this week.

The tournament is at the Palmetto Hall Golf Club. The facility has two courses, the Hills course and the Cupp course, and both will be used for the first 36 holes of the tournament before the final 36 holes after the cut will both be played on the Cupp course. Tomorrow I will play a practice round on the Hills course and will play one on the Cupp course on Tuesday. I'm going to play good, smart practice rounds and will be ready to go when the tournament starts on Wednesday!

Stay tuned for updates!

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  1. Peter, I know this is the wrong spot, but send me your email address. thanks. dr P


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