Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2/3 of Round One Complete

Frost. I'm sick of frost. My 1:20 tee time for the first round became a 2:30 tee time because of a frost delay that pushed everything back in the morning. Therefore, I've only completed 12 holes of my first round thus far.

My Tarheel Tour career did not get off to a promising start. A three putt bogey on my first hole, followed by a missed three-footer for birdie, a four-putt, and a snap-hooked drive into a lake on the next three holes left me five-over-par through four holes. I was rattled and shocked, but determined to trust my routine and keep fighting. Since the horrible start, I have made three birdies and one bogey. I'm heading in the right direction, and I'm ready to keep it going tomorrow!

I've got 24 holes to play on Day 2. I feel like I'm going to commit to my routine, execute well, and post a couple of really good numbers. Stay tuned for good news!

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