Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Had Fun Today in Round One

My main goal today in the first round was to keep my thoughts simple and enjoy competing. I succeeded at both, and the results were pretty fair, too. Despite a couple of poor drives on the front nine which resulted in penalty shots, I battled some rough afternoon conditions and posted a first round score of even-par 72. I hit a lot of quality shots and really putted nicely, even though I couldn't get any longer putts to drop.

I had an awesome day leading up to my afternoon tee time in round one. I slept in a little bit, but then went for a run and did a nice workout before heading out to the course on which I am staying for some putting practice. Then I had some lunch and made a smooth half hour trip out to the Savannah Harbor course, and I felt great. I think this whole year I've been stressing too much heading into my tournaments. Today, I had a thoroughly productive, yet relaxed morning, and I tried to keep that relaxed attitude with me on the golf course. I was able to do that, and I truly enjoyed myself while working hard on the course today.

It seemed that I might be in for another long day when I hit a horrendous hook into a pond that borders the second fairway, but I remained calm and confident, and proceded to play quite nicely after the early mistake.

It was not easy for me today, as afternoon temperatures plummeted and a light rain was joined by an light but significant wind. Conditions will be absolutely brutal tomorrow morning with temperatures predicted at or just below freezing and the wind forecast calling for a steady wind of 20-25 miles per hour. The way I see it, I have spent more time out practicing in that type of weather than anyone else, so advantage me! I'm looking forward to it tomorrow. I tee it up at 9:10 at the Savannah Quarters course, and I'm ready to have some more fun doing what I love!

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