Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Right on Track!

I'm home in East Tennessee, and though the weather is not perfect, home always has its advantages. I was able to work with "Bobbo" yesterday, and we had a great session. Today I dodged a horrible-looking forecast and managed to play and practice all day out at the beautiful Dandridge Golf Course--the course where I learned to play.

Bobbo (Bobby Bray) has helped me with my golf game for a long time. We work really well together because I am a feel player and he teaches me "feelings" in my golf swing. We never get overly technical, and never need the use of a video camera to diagnose things. Between his eyes, my feelings, and the ballflight, Bobbo is able to find flaws in my swing and always tells me something simple that I need to feel in order to get everything back in order. Yesterday I was actually hitting it as well as I have this whole year when we got together, but he noticed a couple of small things on which I need to work. As always, I completed our time together on the range hitting it better than I was when we started. That is a good feeling, and I'm excited to have confirmation that despite my struggles in Florida, I am not (and never was) far from being in sync.

Today I walked nine holes in a chilly rain, and spent 10-20 minutes around each green working on my short game. The nine holes lasted well over three hours, and I hit a great variety of golf shots. My ball-striking continues to gain consistency, and I really like my short game. I also spend a couple of good hours on the putting green after I played. I feel good about where my game is heading!

The weather forecast calls for tomorrow to be an "indoor" day, but improves steadily each day thereafter. If I do get stuck inside tomorrow, I will get some quality work done on my putting stroke.

I feel like the week that I have to get ready for the first Tarheel Tour tournament of the year will be more than enough to have me ready to go in that event! Stay tuned for more details.

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