Sunday, November 8, 2009

Still Feeling Good

For the first time in almost two months, I had a couple days of practice where I felt I little bit out of sync. The last two days my ball-striking has been inconsistent and my touch has been a little bit off around the greens. It has made for a couple of frustrating days, but on both occasions, I have left the golf course knowing that I'm close to playing better than ever. 

The only real swing thought I have had for the past couple months is trying to slow down my transition at the top of my swing in order to let my lower body start the downswing. Though I haven't quite gotten it right, my timing has been impeccable and I've been hitting it solid and straight. I feel like my transition is as good as it has been in the past two or three months right now, but the timing needs to adjust to the club being in better position. I'm confident that this will not take long to happen.

Even though the last two days haven't been as good overall, I have still hit a lot of quality shots and have continued to feel good about my putting practice. I still feel like I'm on track heading into the second stage of PGA Tour Qualifying School.

The weather is still amazing in Columbia, MO, so I'll be sticking around here a while longer before heading back to the Southeast later this week to get the final preparations done. 

Time to head out to the course and get "that lovin' feeling" back as good ol' Bobbo would say!

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