Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stage 2; Round 1

My round one was a story of two nines. I played abysmally on the back nine for some reason, but the front was as solid as I can ever remember playing nine holes. The end result was an even par round of 72, but that is not very good considering that only 10 players in the 77 player shot over par.

I'm currently in a tie for 57th, and we are playing for the top 20 spots to advance to the final stage. The leaderboard is quite bunched right now, though, so a good couple of rounds will easily move me right back to where I would like to be.

I got off to a hot start today with birdies on three of my first four holes. In fact, I didn't really miss a shot on the front nine. I hit every fairway and never even threatened to make a bogey. I looked really sharp. The back nine got a little erratic, but I'm confident that I can settle back down and play the next 54 holes the way I played the front nine today.

I'm still having a blast doing what I love. It's just more fun when I do it well! I'm going to get after it tomorrow!!

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