Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ready to Go!

I played practice round number two today, and, though I didn't hit it all that well during the round, I feel like I had a very productive day. I know my way around the course and the greens very well now, and I had a great day of practice other than some wayward shots on the course.

I mishit a lot of drives on the course, which is not like me. I worked on alignment and rhythm on the range afterwards, and I feel great about the way I'm hitting it now. A couple of hours on the putting green and at the short game area have me firing on all cylinders and feeling confident.

I tee it up at 9:40 off of number one for the first round, and I can't wait to start hitting good shots and making birdies. I'm going to play well, stay relaxed and have a blast doing what I love this week!

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