Wednesday, November 25, 2009


For the first time in a very long time, I'm taking a few days away from the clubs. I'm in Washington D.C. right now with my sister getting ready to head over to my dad's parents house in Maryland for Thanksgiving. Should be a good time to relax with the family and eat some really good food!

I'm still running and working out this week, but other than a casual round of golf today in D.C., I'll be leaving the clubs in the car. I love to practice and can do it everyday, but I think a few days away from it will be refreshing. I'll get back into it in full force next week.

I'm trying to decide where I'll be doing most of my competing next year now that I know I will not be starting the year with a PGA or Nationwide Tour card. I will likely join a couple of mini-tours, though I will definitely be entering some Monday qualifiers early and often throughout the year. It is not unrealistic to think that I could get into a Nationwide Event and play well enough to keep myself out there for a while. My focus will be on being ready to compete and win every week so that if an opportunity presents itself, I will be ready to take advantage.

I'm going to keep getting better. I'm excited to continue working on my game and getting sharper in all areas. I'm not sure when I'll tee it up in competition again, but I will be the best player I've ever been when that happens!

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