Thursday, January 2, 2014


It's time to go! I was so happy to soak up quality time with my wife and both of our families over the holidays, and though I didn't have a lot of quality practice, I am very optimistic that I can be firing on enough cylinders to be effective when I tee it up at the Sony Open in Hawaii next week. I am currently traveling out to La Quinta, California, to do some practicing and play practice rounds at the courses for the Humana Challenge--my second event of 2014. I will have great practice in California, and I'm confident that I can go from a bit rusty to very sharp in a short amount of time. I am feeling extremely fulfilled and supported after great time with my favorite people in the world, and now I'm excited to get back to work. 

In order to get back to work effectively, I need to have my plan in place for 2014. I am going to publish my Outcome Goals and my Map Goals for the year by this Sunday. I have them written already in my head, but I'm excited to give some of the Map Goals a dry run the rest of this week before putting them fully into effect starting next Monday. I attribute a lot of my success and my steady improvement to following a well-thought and structured  practice routine, so the making of my Map Goals is very important. I'm excited about it. 

In other exciting news from the offseason, I am going to have a long time friend of mine caddying for me this year. Mikel Martinson played the eGolf Tour with me the past three years and we have become best buddies. He is a hard worker and has a lot of golf knowledge. In addition to that, he is a heck of a lot of fun to be around so we are looking forward to taking on the PGA Tour together. One day Mikel is going to play the PGA Tour with me, but for at least this year, he's going to help me cement my place out there. 
I'm going to be good about keeping my blog updated moving forward, so please come back to read about my goals and then keep up with me as I get the 2014 portion of the PGA Tour schedule started.  Thank you very much for keeping up with me and caring about me!

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