Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Getting Better and Ready for Week 2

This is a fun time of year for a lot of reasons. Right now I am particularly excited because it feels like I am getting significantly better every day. I started last week very rusty, and I still am not sharp in any aspect of my game, but I do feel like I make noticeable progress with each practice session. Though it is frustrating to feel somewhat incompetent at times with the rust, the opportunity for rapid improvement gets me excited.

I am in La Quinta, Califormia, for the Humana Challenge. This event features a Pro-Am format and is contested on three golf courses--La Quinta Country Club, the Nicklaus Course at PGA West, and the Palmer Course at PGA West. Like I said before, my game still doesn't feel sharp in any aspect, but all three of these courses suit me well, and I'm optimistic about the week.

This tournament is always a birdie-feast, but I think for me the keys this week will be patience and staying within myself. I will continue to improve as the week goes on, and I'm confident that if I play intelligently and to my strengths, I can have a great tournament. 

I get started at 10:30 Thursday morning on the Palmer Course. I'm going to commit to my strengths and play well. Thank you for following and supporting me, and please keep it here for updates throughout the week!

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