Monday, January 20, 2014

Coming Off a Great Week of Work and Feeling Great at Torrey Pines

I really hate to miss a cut. In that sense, last week's Humana Challenge was a failure for me. In pretty much every other sense, I had a great week in the desert. I had a very solid ball-striking day during the tournament's first round, and only a balky putter kept me from shooting a great score. An inexplicably poor ball-striking day on Friday caused me to put up my worst score of the year and left me in a tough position heading to Saturday's third round. On Saturday, however, I combined solid ball-striking with a fairly good putting day and some great wedge play, and the results were very fun. I had it eight under par through 15 holes on Saturday, and though a disappointing finish to the round left me on the wrong side of the cutline, it was a great feeling to play so well. I definitely left the tournament feeling good about my game and very optimistic for great things to come.  

In addition to getting some positive vibes from my on-course performance, I was able to complete all of my map goals for the week. My practice continues to feel better and better, and I am very happy with this year's list of goals. I need to do a more efficient job of getting my workouts completed, but I have managed to do them all. Completing my map goals is very important to me, and I am excited to be two for two so far this year.

I am now in San Diego for the Farmers Insurance Open and am ready to tackle Torrey Pines. Many people have told me that I will struggle here because it is a very long golf course, but after playing a practice round on Monday, I am ready to tackle this challenge. The scenery is beautiful, and I am ready for a great week!
Keep it here for news and updates throughout the week. Thank you very much for following me!

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  1. Your positive attitude gives you a mental edge on everyone else in the field Peter.

    After I read this post, I got on to check some stats. Ben Crane won this event in 2010. His average Driving Distance that year on tour was 282 yards. Your average this year is 282 yards.

    Good luck this week. The Richardsons will be watching and pulling hard for you!


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