Sunday, December 22, 2013

Definitely Rusty, But a Productive Week

My golf game definitely feels a little bit like it is the middle of winter right now. I am fairly inconsistent and certainly not very sharp in any aspect of my game. With that said, I had a great week of practice this past week and can tell that a lot of good stuff is happening. My drills were very difficult for me in the early part of the week, but I was able to practice every day and felt much more proficient by the weekend. Because the weather was so nice, I actually ended up with a fairly daunting list of things that I had to accomplish based on the practice goals I set for myself last weekend. I am proud to say that with perhaps a bit of liberty on my short game practice time, I did accomplish all of my goals. I was also able to have quite a few matches with my friends, and I have to say that I was too inconsistent to ever have a great result on the course, but my game felt much better and the results improved as the week progressed. All-in-all it was definitely a very productive week, and I know that I am moving in the right direction as the 2014 season nears.

I am very excited about the new clubs that I got after my work with Titleist in California. Like I said before, there are no drastic changes in my golf bag, but I do have some new options that I think are going to work quite nicely in long iron/hybrid category, and I am also very pleased with the performance of my new driver.

Perhaps the most exciting thing of all about this past week is my new workout routine. More or less for the last four years, I have just been "winging it" with my workouts, and though I feel like I am in very good shape, I feel like my new workout program from the Titleist Performance Institute is going to help me strengthen some of the deficient parts of my body that cause my golf swing to be somewhat inefficient. I am doing a lot of bridges to try and get my glutes firing and also doing specific mobility exercises that target my hips. The new workouts actually have a lot of variety and are much different then any workouts I have ever done before, so I am excited for the possibility of new benefits.

Everything on the golf front is looking up! Now it is time to keep working hard at it but also to start really soaking up time with my wife and family for Christmas. I love this time of year, and always have. It is special to my family and me, and I am so excited to share it with Alicia for the first time as my wife! So please come back for news about my golf game, but more importantly for now, enjoy a Merry Christmas with your family!

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