Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So Close to Good in Round 2

I had a day of ups and downs in round 2 on the Mountain View course at Callaway Gardens. For the first seven holes, some sketchy ball-striking was kept in check by a really hot putter. I did three-putt the par-3 seventh hole to make my second bogey of the day, but I also rolled in three really good birdie putts during that stretch. In the middle of the round on holes 8-14, I had it inside of ten feet for birdie on every hole, but disappointingly only converted three of the putts. Unfortunately neither the ball-striking nor the putting was great in the closing four holes, and I played them in one over par to finish my second round with a three-under-par 69. That is not a bad score at all, but I definitely was playing well enough in the middle of the round to shoot something much lower and be in prime position with just one round remaining in the tournament.

As it stands now, I am in a large tie for 12th place at seven under par. The leaders at at 11 under, so I am only four shots back, but there a lot of people around the top of the board. I definitely feel like I have a chance to win tomorrow, but I am going to be very certain that my goals tomorrow are centered around committing to a game plan and my routine on every shot rather than thinking of the overall outcome. I may try to be slightly more aggressive with some shots tomorrow, but for the most part I will be trying to follow my weeklong strategy of choosing smart targets and letting my putter carry me to a great round.

I tee it up at 8:50 tomorrow morning. It's supposed to be a very windy day, so maybe it will get interesting. I'm going to stay in the present and trust my routine on every shot, so if I execute well and get hot with the putter like I know that I can, it might be a special day! Check back here to see how it goes!

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