Monday, October 4, 2010

Not Good Today but Feeling Good

I played pretty lousy today in the Monday Qualifier for the Nationwide Tour's Chattanooga Classic. I am definitely bummed that I didn't qualify and that I couldn't continue my really solid play of late, but I still feel very good about my game. I hit a few poor tee shots, one lousy three wood from the fairway, and a bunch of mediocre iron shots that all contributed to no-good score of 73 for the day.

There are still plenty of positive things that I can take from today. For the most part I drove the ball well, and, though I really didn't get anything to go in on the greens for birdie, I made some nice putts in the 4-6 foot range. I definitely feel like I almost played well, and I'm still feeling very good about my game moving forward.

I'll be spending this whole week at home with my Parents in Tennessee. That means a lot of quality practice time and some refreshing relaxing evenings. I'll also be able to continue working out and running, which is something that helps me feel ready to be my best. Though I wish I was playing in Chattanooga, I will definitely use this week to continue getting better and becoming more prepared for the rest of the year.

I don't have to wait long to get the competitive juices flowing again. I'll be playing next week in a Tarheel (Egolf) Tour event at Callaway Gardens. The tournament is Ocotober 12-14, and the venue is a place where I feel very much at home. I think it's time that I add a mini-tour victory to the state open triumphs I collected in the Midwest!

Keep it here for practice reports and more information during the week. I'm going to do better keeping my blog current! Thank you for following!

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