Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Good Step

Today was a good day of practice. I actually did not practice all that much, but I played a semi-competitive round of golf. After a good warm-up session on the range, one of my best friends, Jonathon Hodge, joined me for a match at The Country Club in Morristown, TN. We played 18 holes of stroke play with pretty high stakes: $5.

While Jonathon played really solidly like he always does, my putter got really hot, and I put up a little 63 on him to take the match. My ball-striking was just okay, but my short game looked and felt awesome. I putted great, and my chipping was very good as well. In fact, I chipped one in today using my 54 degree wedge and got a couple of other shots up-and-down using something other than my 60 degree. I'm really excited to see my new venture around the greens showing so much promise.

Obviously a friendly match with with a good pal doesn't exactly replicate a tournament, but it is always nice to post a good low number. Although my game still does not feel as sharp as it has at times, I know that I can manage my way around the course and shoot a good score. I'm going to do some practicing and get that lovin' feeling back in all areas of my game so that when I go Georgia next week, I'll be firing on all cylinders.

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