Thursday, October 28, 2010

Great Golf, Pretty Good Score in Round 2

There are so many great things that I will take and build off of from today's second round at the First Stage of Q-school. Though I was definitely a little jittery early, I made a conscious decision to be confident and played beautifully. I was really nervous the first few holes, but didn't let that stop me from making a couple of early birdies on my way to being seven-under-par through 12 holes. Unfortunately, I really struggled my way into the clubhouse, bogeying three of the last five holes to finish my round with just a four-under-par 68. That score and my struggles the last five holes are disappointing, but neither of these change the fact that I played some awesome golf and looked really sharp for a long time today. I'm very excited moving forward.

From the my 4th hole through my 13th today, I executed darn near flawlessly. In that stretch, I birdied six holes, and never had to work for my par on any of the others. It sure makes golf fun when it is that stress-free. In the closing five holes, my execution really did not drop off that dramatically, I just made a few dumb mistakes again. I hit a beautiful wedge with too much spin on one hole and watched it yank back off of the green into a some nasty rough after landing just feet short of where I had planned it. Then, in a lack of concentration, I again suffered consecutive three-putt bogeys on my 16th and 17th holes. It sure was frustrating to give those shots back, but I know that I will not let that happen anymore.

It was an up-and-down day today, but the up definitely outweighed the down, and I'm ready go clean up my mistakes and play sharp golf in the final two rounds. I tee it up at 9:55 tomorrow on the first tee, and I'll be ready to play well. I'm going to keep having fun and believing in myself. Check back here for some good news!

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