Sunday, April 25, 2010

Therapy at Callaway Gardens

Since my almost-breakthrough round of the year at the Monday Qualifier for the Nationwide Tour earlier this week, I have been at Callaway Gardens and have played and average of 36 holes a day with my friend Mike Van Sickle. I must send a big thank you to my friends at Callaway who continue to feed me, house me, and and give me a great place to play and practice. Spending all that time on the golf course playing and competing with Mike has been SOOO good for my game. My ball-striking and wedge play have both been very very good. My putting has still been a little suspect, but I'm as certain as ever that I'm heading in the right direction in that respect, too. I cannot wait to tee it up in competition again, and I don't have to wait long!

I tried to get into the Monday Qualifier for the Nationwide Tour event this coming week in Athens, GA, but when I attempted to sign up, I was told that I could only be placed on a waiting list as the qualifier had already been filled. I decided that I would instead focus on the Tarheel Tour event that is just south of Charlotte, NC, this week. I really feel like I'm ready to win one of these things! I know that's a lofty expectation given my lackluster results so far, but I really feel like I'm ready!

I'll head up to Charlotte tomorrow morning to play a practice round at a place called the Palisades and will play another practice round at River Hills Country Club on Tuesday. River Hills is the main course for next week's event.

This week at Callaway Gardens has been so good for me. I'm ready to go have some fun and kick some butt next week!

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