Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, I guess that breakthrough round of the year is coming tomorrow. I really feet good about the way I played today, but I have nothing but a lousy 76 on a fairly easy golf course to show for it. That's not really true--I honestly do have a lot of good feelings to remember from the round I played today even though the end result is definitely a disappointment.

I was determined to play intelligently aggressive today on the short but tight layout at River Hills Country Club. I feel like I had a good game plan, and I executed that plan well more often than not. On the front nine, I hit most of the fairways and greens, but missed a couple of good birdie opportunities and made the turn at even-par. I then hit two perfect shots on the tenth hole--a short par-five with a pond fronting the green. I hit a long drive for me and then a perfect punch five iron onto the green about 12 feet from the hole. I hit my line perfectly on the eagle putt, but the ball slid just past the hole on the right. I tapped in for my birdie and proceeded to hit another great five iron on the par-three 11th. The shot ended up 15 feet directly behind the hole, and another good putt narrowly missed. All that to say that I was really feeling great moving to the 12th hole. I made a poor swing at my driver on the tee and watched it rattle around in the trees before ending up out of bounds in somebody's back yard. I still felt good moving forward from that, but just didn't get anything to go right the rest of the way. A few great shots were nullified by missed putts, and I just ran out of holes to get it turned around today.

The good news is I've got a full round to get it heading the right direction tomorrow. I know this sounds like a broken record, but I like the way I'm playing right now. I'm hitting the ball well and my wedge play is on the brink of being great. I definitely need to find that lovin' feeling with the putter, but I'm never more than a couple holed putts away from that happening.

I don't play until 1:20 in the afternoon tomorrow. I'm going to do some practicing this evening, and a little more of the same in the morning. I will also relax a little bit and be fully ready to go tomorrow afternoon. My game is good. My scores are going to show it! Check here for good news from round two!!

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