Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hard Courses, Good Golf, Loving It!

I'm at a place called St. James Plantation in North Carolina playing the Reserve Course and the Founders Club. Both courses are great and hard! The Founders Club is the host course for the event, and I will play my first round on it tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8:40. The Founders Club is absolutely demanding. There is trouble off of the tee, a lot of hazards all around the course, and the most undulating greens and green surrounds that I have ever seen. The course requires accuracy, precise distance control, and great touch around the greens. I'm not firing on all cylinders by any means, but I feel amazingly comfortable and relaxed.

I'm going to have fun tomorrow! I'm going to commit to every single shot! I'm going to play well!

Check back here for a report from round one and information about the Reserve Course where I will play my second round.

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