Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Solid Round 1

I played well in the first round of this week's event. The Founders Club at St. James Plantation was playing difficult as the small and undulating greens were quite firm and the wind was blowing fairly hard all day. I did not do anything extremely well, but I hit fifteen greens (if you let me count two fringes) and I shot a nice round of even-par 72. There are only two shots on which I really wish I could have had a do-over in round 1. I missed a three-and-a-half foot putt on the fifth hole (my 14th) and on the eighth hole (my 17th), I got in front of a three wood and hit a weak, thin spinner to the right that rode the wind all the way out of bounds. These two errors cost me three shots, but other than that I really did play nicely. I didn't make any birdie putts, but I rolled the ball nicely and felt like I was very close to playing a great round today!

Tomorrow I play the Reserve Course at 12:50. The Reserve is slightly longer than the Founders Club, but is much more forgiving on and around the greens. With that said, it is still a strong test. It requires great accuracy off of the tee, and while the greens are bigger and have less sporadic humps and bumps than those at Founders, severe slopes still add difficulty to all short-game shots. There is a lot of wind in the forecast as well. It will definitely be another very challenging day. I'm up for the challenge, though! My game is good and my attitude is great! I'm ready to go out and play another solid round, and tomorrow I'm going to make some of the birdie putts!!

Check back here for updates!

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