Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lots of News

Sorry for the long delay since my last report. I'm currently in Sanford, North Carolina, where I am staying with some friends for this week's Egolf event at Pine Needles Resort. I've got no internet access, so I'm blogging on my phone; therefore, I'm going to give you the latest news in bullet point format:

-I didn't finish my process goals last week. I feel great about my practice and put in some good time, but struggled with my putting drills and came up two drills short of completing my goal. In addition, I failed to spend the short time that I am supposed to checking my alignment and putting stroke path. Part of my problem last week was just that I was struggling to get the putts to fall when I needed them to, but a small part of the problem was also time management, and that is not acceptable. I'm disappointed in myself, but I'm still proud of the hard work I am putting into my game.

-I have continued to do a great job with my fitness work and have worked into a solid routine that includes appropriate and efficient fitness sessions on tournament weeks.

-I'm going to remain committed to all of my process goals and hold myself accountable for completing all of them every week.

-I made the trip over to the Pinehurst area on Sunday evening and am getting ready to go for the Egolf event this week. I had a great practice round at Pine Needles on Tuesday. I also played a practice round at tournament co-host Seven Lakes Country Club on Monday and am pumped about both venues for this week's event.

-I tee off at 11:50 at Pine Needles in Wednesday's first round.

-This is going to be a great Tournament for me.

-You should come back for a short report of the good news following each round. 

Thank you very much for all your support!

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