Sunday, March 4, 2012

Great Week of Work

I just want to give a quick update after a solid week of work. I needed to get some good feelings going, and I have done just that. It wasn't all golden, and I still had to battle some struggles with my short game in matches on Thursday and Friday, but my ball-striking and putting have felt great this week, and some very focused short game work this weekend has me feeling confident about all areas of my game. I was able to complete all of my process goals this week, and I feel very good about that. My week of work was just what the doctor ordered, and I'm ready to get back to tournament action!

I will get a little bit of tournament action in my life this week. I made the drive to Charlotte, NC, Sunday evening and will play a two-day event at a course called Carolina Lakes on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm excited to play in a competitive environment and am looking forward to the opportunity to get some positive tournament vibes flowing! I will play a practice round Monday and then tournament rounds Tuesday/Wednesday. Keep it here for good updates!

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