Friday, January 27, 2012

Great Work at Dandridge Golf Course

This picture may not do it justice, but Dandridge Golf Course sits on one of the most beautiful pieces of land that I have ever seen for a golf course. Though the weather attempts to hide the beauty in this photo, the clouds sort of add to the mystique of the place. In addition to being the place where I first learned to play golf, it is still one of the most valuable places in my rotation of courses on which I practice. I am able to work on all aspects of my game at Dandridge, but I find that I have some of my very best short game and wedge sessions there. I have spent three full days at Dandridge this week and have really done a lot great work around the greens. I am fortunate to have a lot of really great "offices," but Dandridge Golf Course is where it all began.

I feel really good about the week that I have had so far. My fitness work has continued to be great, and I've gotten in a lot of really good practice as well. In addition to the great short game work I've been doing at Dandridge, I have also seen my ball-striking improve quite a bit in the past couple days. I feel really good about the progress by game is making.

I am in Athens, Georgia, right now to spend some time this weekend with my sweetheart, Miss Alicia. Though I will enjoy some time with her, I will still be working hard these next couple days in Athens. I am ahead of pace with my progress goals for the week, but I still have some work to do this weekend to finish them all. The weather forecast is good, though, and I have some practice facilities at my disposal down here, so I will get them all done!

Things are feeling great! It's going to be a good and productive weekend. Come back for a full summary on sunday evening!

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