Friday, August 19, 2011

Going to Get My Practice Back on Track

I have spent the last two and a half days in Columbia, MO, and have had three of my most productive practice sessions of the summer. My travel and competition calendar has been a bit hectic the past four weeks, and I have used that as an excuse to get lazy towards my practice and fitness goals. The process goals that I made for myself this year are very realistic and do not require that I push myself above-and-beyond what would be a productive amount of practice. What the goals do is keep my practice very focused and add an element of pressure to my practice. I am pleased with the way that I have been playing all summer and feel good about the amount of work that I have put into my golf game, but I know that if I complete my process goals each week, my practice will be more efficient and provide greater benefits to me in my competitions. With that in mind, this Wednesday I rededicated myself to achieving my process goals each week . I have had three great days of practice since then. Today I will drive home to beautiful Dandridge, Tennessee, where I will have two more good days of practice in preparation for the Monday Qualifier for next week's Nationwide Tour event--the Knoxville Open. My game still feels awesome, and I know that it is just going to keep getting better. That breakthrough for which I have been waiting might just come on home turf! Keep it here for another report heading into Monday.

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