Sunday, August 28, 2011

Feeling Prepared

I had a great week of practice this week. For the second straight week, I failed to finish a couple of my putting drills that are part of my process goals for the year, but it sure wasn't for a lack of trying. I spent hours on the practice green, but was having trouble finishing a couple of my drills. It's disappointing not finish all of my goals, but I did a stellar job with my fitness routine and wedge-play drills and feel great about all areas of my game.

I had a smooth drive to Pittsburgh, PA, yesterday afternoon and played a great practice round at Green Oaks Country Club today. Tomorrow morning at 7:48, I will tee off at Green Oaks in the Monday Qualifier for this week's Nationwide Tour event--the Mylan Classic at Southpointe Golf Club. The qualifying course, Green Oaks, is an extremely old school country club course featuring a lot of short, tree-lined holes that are well-protected by bunkers and rough with greens that are small, slopey, and absolutely lightning fast. If you read that description and think, "that's right up Peter's alley," you are exactly right! I really like this course, and I feel like I had a successful practice round today. The course will require some intelligence on shots into the greens and patience on and around them, but I know that I will have to pick some spots to be aggressive and make some birdies. I am ready to play a good round of golf, and know that if I can be focused for 18 holes, I will execute well and be successful.

I'm going to be relaxed and confident tomorrow. It should be a great day. Come back in the evening to hear all about it!

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