Friday, August 12, 2011

Bad 9 + Very Good 9 = Okay Round 3 at Rock Barn

I was lazy, sloppy, and just flat out bad for my first nine holes in round 3. I made a couple of very uncommitted swings, a couple more poor swings, and hit a few putts without having any kind of line in mind. I started on the back nine and made the turn at one over par in perfect scoring conditions. I wasn't happy with my performance, but I knew that if I turned around my mindset, I could still play a good round, and I did just that. I executed well on the front nine (my second nine today) during which I recorded four birdies and no bogeys for a final score of three-under-par 69. That is not a great score given the perfect weather we had for the round, but it did move me up the leaderboard a little bit and leave me in a position to make a big move with a solid round tomorrow.

I had a great afternoon of practice today after the round. I spent a little time working on all areas of my game and gave particular attention to hammering out some putting drills. I really feel like my game is continuing to improve. If I can stay focused and commit to a good plan on every shot tomorrow, I know that I can execute well and post a great final round. I tee off at 8:20 on number 10, and I'm excited to have a great day. Come back tomorrow evening for a final round report and a tournament wrap-up.

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