Thursday, February 17, 2011

Steadier in Round 2

I certainly did not have the excitement of my first round today in round 2, but I also never really had any major concerns, either. I had a lot of make-able looks at birdie, and only had to work hard for par a couple of times on my way to a 3-birdie, 1-bogey round of 70 on the Hills Course.

I only birdied one of the four par fives today, but I played those holes well and had a very good putt for birdie on each of them though I only got one of the putts to fall. That was a little bit disappointing, but I'm really pleased with the way I have played the par fives so far this week.

One cool story from today is the way in which I made my bogey. It was an awful shot. I was trying to fade a four iron into a right hole location on the par-3 17th (my 8th) hole, and I double crossed it way long and left of the green. The ball nestled into the crotch of a pine tree, leaving me with no room at all to make a swing. I nudged the ball out of the tree into a green-side bunker with my second shot and faced a long bunker shot for my third. Like yesterday, I stayed surprisingly calm through the process and committed to my routine from the bunker and got the ball up-and-down for a great bogey.

I'm at -5 for the event through two rounds. I'm not sure what the lead will be at the end of today, but I know that I will be somewhere around the top 15 players and will be within striking distance heading into the final two rounds. It's going to be a fun weekend. Keep it here for the news!

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