Monday, February 28, 2011

Great Days of Practice/Starting the Journey to Morocco

Last week as a very solid one for me in terms of my practicing. Things didn't always come easily for me, but I worked through a couple of rough practice sessions to end the week feeling as sharp as I have all year. My ball-striking steadily improved with my new clubs all week, and I feel that the new clubs are really going to help me be a more consistent golfer. I also made great strides with my putting and wedge game. After an early-week struggle with the putter hindered my progress toward my weekly process goals, a thursday putting session with some help from Bobbo put me on the right track and I breezed through all my putting drills easily by Sunday afternoon. I had a great week of practice with my new wedges, also, and, as I checked off the last of my goals for the week by completing my final proximity drill on Sunday evening, I smiled because I can tell that my commitment to the process of improving is going to get me to the outcome goals that I want for the year. From my fitness level to my putting and everything in between, I feel like I am firing on all cylinders right now, so I am extremely excited moving forward.

Today was an interesting start to this week. I had planned to work out early and then practice in the morning before heading home to pack and hit the road for Georgia and Callaway Gardens before my Wednesday flight out of Atlanta starts my journey to Morocco. Everything went perfectly through the morning part of the plan as I had a great work out and a very productive three-hour practice before heading home. Storms were in the afternoon forecast, so my plan was to pack during the storms and then drive once they had passed. All was on schedule until the storm decided to dump three inches of rain on our house in just more than one hour and flood our basement. My Mom and I must have carried 300 gallons of water out the basement one five-gallon bucket-full at a time. That is obviously no good, but through a good family effort (dad was home in plenty of time to help us), we managed to keep everything dry enough to be salvageable. It wasn't what I had planned, but it turned into a very productive and interestingly fun day.

The basement clean-up did delay my departure considerably, however. All is well, though, and I am currently spending the night in Cartersville, GA, where I will get to be "Uncle Pete" tomorrow at breakfast to my almost-4-year-old nephew and 2-year-old and 6-month-old nieces. That'll be great fun! Then I'll head down to Callaway Gardens for an almost-full day of practice before taking a shuttle up to the Atlanta airport on Wednesday morning to start the trip over to Morocco.

I am really excited right now about my life, my golf game, and my upcoming trip to Morocco. I know that I will play well over there because I am well-prepared physically and mentally. I'll try to jot another post on here before I leave the States on Wednesday, and will definitely be doing a good job of keeping the blog updated from Morocco. Come back often for progress reports, tournament updates, and maybe even some cool pictures from Morocco. Thank you for following!

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  1. I love you!! Bring me back something good from Africa...a trophy will do! :)


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