Monday, February 7, 2011

A Quick Update + Some Exciting News

On Super Bowl Sunday, I successfully finished my first official week of working towards my goals. I nailed my circle drill of 6-foot putts in the morning yesterday, and then in the last hour before dark, I checked off my last weekly process goal by completing a proximity drill with each of the three wedges I have in my bag right now. (I even missed the first 5 minutes of the game in order to finish!) I'll describe more about how I set up a proximity drill in a later post, but a the name tells it all; I have to hit my wedges close to a target to complete the drill. It really feels good to have completed all of my goals despite some challenging weather last week, and I can tell that the goals I have set for my practice are definitely setting me up to be successful this year.

With that said, my match with Taylor yesterday clearly reminded me that I still have work to do. Despite having great practices all week last week, I was still a little bit inconsistent out on the course. I hit a lot of unsolid drives and never looked overly sharp for more than a couple shots at a time. I did see a lot of good things from my game, however. My misses all looked pretty good and I was able to capitalize on some of the good shots I did hit with good putting. In the end, I shot a one-under-par 71, and Taylor beat me by one. I was two down at the turn but made a pair of early birdies on the back nine to make it interesting. In the end Taylor made a great birdie on 17, and I couldn't muster an answer as I finished with six straight pars. It was great to have that competition, and I'm happy that I was able to shoot under par on what was a bit of an off day. I know that another week of great practice will have me ready to go LOW!

Now on to the exciting news... I had a lot of conversations this winter with my contact person at Titleist/Footjoy, and after being on only Ball/Shoe/Glove support with them last year, I learned in late January that I have been approved for Full Product Line support this year. Because of this opportunity, I am going to do something I've never done. Tomorrow I will go to Sea Island Golf Club in Southeast Georgia to see a club-fitting specialist and get outfitted with a new line of Titleist sticks that are fit perfectly for me. I have never been fitted for clubs before, and I really think that this could make a huge difference for me!

So I have a lot about which to be excited. My game is coming along nicely, my practice is going great, and I will be getting set up with all the latest and greatest technology from Titleist custom fit just for me. It's going to be a great year! Keep it here for news about practice this week and the club-fitting session.

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  1. That is awesome Pete!! Congrats with the full sponsorship. Next comes some sponsorship money where I'll have to start working part-time at Eastman. Haha. Speaking of Super Bowl..I miss the days when we had some teams to pull for in the playoffs! Those cowboys/niner games were fun!


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