Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brief Week-end Update

I just concluded my last full week of practice before I kick of my 2011 tournament season this week with an Egolf Tour event on Hilton Head Island. As you can see in my last couple of posts, I have much to be excited about, and my practice of late certainly adds to that. Though I had an inexplicable poor day of practice on Saturday, my game has looked and felt sharp in all areas for the most part. I do feel like I am playing the best golf of my life right now, and I'm very confident heading into my first tournament.

One bit of disappointing news to report from this week is that I failed to complete my fifth putting drill. I had a great week of practice and really nailed all of my goals except my final putting drill. My workouts this week were very thorough, so I continue to feel great physically. My practice with my wedges was excellent, and I easily checked off my proximity drills this week. I even putted the ball well all week, completing four of the five required putting drills by Friday, but I just couldn't seem to make 24 three footers in a row on Saturday or Sunday despite multiple attempts at the drill both days. I don't feel like anything is wrong with my putting, though, and my stroke feels great, so I'm confident that I will putt well this coming week, and knock off a sixth putting drill to pay my debt from this past week. Completing my process goals is really keeping me focused during my practice and is helping to sharpen my game more and more each week.

I'm off for Hilton Head bright and early Monday morning. It will be a great week. I know that I will be a little nervy being back in tournament play for the first time in nearly three months, but I also know that I have the physical skills and the mental game to excel. I'm very excited to play tournament golf again, and I think I will have a genuine smile on my face all week! Keep it right here for a practice round report before the event gets started on Wednesday.

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