Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Got the New Clubs!

All of my new clubs for which I have been fit have arrived with the exception of the three wood (or "mini-driver," as Miss Alicia calls it). My new irons are going to be absolutely great, but are requiring an adjustment period because I have been manipulating my swing to hit my old, poorly fit irons well. I'm already starting to to feel comfortable with the new irons, though, and can tell that they will definitely make hitting consistently good shots much easier for me. My new driver is not requiring very much "getting used to" at all. I have really hit it well from the beginning and can tell that my ball flight is much tighter with it. I haven't hit the new hybrid very much yet, but I know that I am going to like it, too. My new wedges also have me excited. I have been working a lot on my distance control this week, and I can already tell that the yardage gaps between my wedges is going to be very manageable and that I am going to be very very good from 125 yards and in. I am very thrilled to have almost all of my new stuff, and I know that with just a few more days of practice, I will be ready to go win with it in Morocco.

I need to have a good few days of practice the rest of this week. The last couple days I have seen inconsistent results from both my ball-striking and my short game, but there have been plenty of highlights to remind me that I still have things going in the right direction. With my new clubs in the bag, I'll try to sharpen all areas of my game and eliminate some of the poor shots that still creep in from time to time. I will get in some work with Bobbo tomorrow and will do a lot of short game, putting and wedge play work on my own. I already feel like I'm playing very well, but I really believe I'm just a few good practice sessions away from being able to dominate my upcoming tournaments.

Come back here for another update on how the clubs are working and a practice report in the next couple days. Also, I will give some more information about my fast-approaching trip to Morocco!

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