Thursday, July 29, 2010

Great Week of Practice

Since the conclusion of my last Tarheel event, I've been home in East Tennessee and have been having some really good days of practice. I have played at least nine holes everyday since getting home and have also had some really solid sessions on the range and putting green. I am still hitting the ball beautifully and making a lot of birdies, so I'm feeling very good moving forward.

I am determined to feel better over my putter next week in the Tarheel Tour Championship, so that has been one of my focal points this week, and I really can tell that my stroke is in very good shape. I still do not feel fantastic on the greens, but in the first half of this week, I have progessed a long way from where I was in last week's tournament, so I'm confident that I'll have that lovin' feel heading into next week.

On Tuesday I did something that I have been telling myself I needed to do all year. I took my bag of practice ProV1's into a nice open field at Dandridge Golf Club and hit wedges for three hours. I practiced until I was hitting them consistently and then really worked on dialing in my distances. For the first time all year, I'm confident standing over a wedge that I know exactly how far I'm going to hit it. That is a great feeling. I really feel like I am going to be able to pour on the birdies when I get into wedge-range!

I'm going to try to spend a lot of time between now and the Tour Championship practicing on the golf course. In fact, I think the fairly steady rain which has been falling for the last half hour is passing, and I'm going to go play right now!

Check back another update once I get on site at Spring Creek Golf Club in Virginia next week.

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