Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Little PT Inspiration

I left East Tennessee yesterday afternoon to head northeast in the direction of the Tarheel Tour Championship in Charlottesville, VA. The event doesn't start until Wednesday, so I overshot that destination just a little to spend some time with my sister, Laura, in Washington, D.C. After a fun evening walking around the city and throwing the light-up frisbee by the Washington Monument last night, we were up early for some golf this morning. Playing with three Physical Therapists, I was out of my ranks intellectually, but my golf game stacked up just fine. I need to give a shout out to Ken Herbel and Ben Keeton (Jackson Clinics Physical Therapy) for the inspiring performances on the course this morning. I played really well, and feel great going into the Tour Championship this week.

I'll be heading down to Charlottesville to begin preparing at Spring Creek Golf Club tomorrow morning. With my team of PTs behind me, I'm confident it's going to be a great week!

Check back here for an update before the tournament starts on Wednesday.

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