Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Surprisingly Bad in Round 1

Man, I thought I was playing great heading into the first round of this week's event, but I just didn't quite have it today at the Club at Star Fort. I sprayed the driver around a little bit, and though my scrambling skills looked very good at times, I could only salvage so many pars from the trees. I shot a lousy two-over-par 74, but I really do still feel like I'm playing well.

My putting today was very promising. I hit my line on every putt except one, and the one where I missed my line the putt went in because I had misread it! I made some great putts in the four to eight-foot range today, and I'm very excited about that.

I drove it poorly today, but I that area of my game has been very good of late. I know that today was just a little kink in my progression to being in great form with the driver!

I tee it up at 8:10 tomorrow at the Patriot Club. I'm really excited to go out and play a great round of golf. If I continue to stay relaxed and have fun, good scores are bound to be the result! Tomorrow's the day!!

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