Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Courses and Good Practice

I am really happy with the two practice rounds I have played this week. It has been two full days of practice this week, and I feel like my game is more than ready to go! The host course for the week is called the Patriot Club at Grand Harbor. I played there today. The secondary course is called the Club at Star Fort. I played there on Monday and will start the tournament there with a 12:30 tee time tomorrow afternoon.

Both courses are nice layouts which allow for some degree of error off of the tee, but require solid execution to avoid trees and bunkers lining most every fairway. Star Fort is an "old school" type of course, with a lot of narrow, tree-lined fairways and smallish, slopey greens. The Patriot is a more modern layout which blends some wide, split fairway holes with more traditional bunker and tree-lined doglogs. Both courses have putting surfaces with a lot of character. Star Fort is a little bit shorter than average while the Patriot is about average length. I feel really comfortable on both courses and feel like I am going to play quite well!

I have been hitting it great both on the practice tee and the course. I'm excited about my iron play and the way I'm driving the ball. My wedge play has felt good from the fairways, but my chipping has left a little to be desired around the greens. I worked on that a little after my practice round today, and feel like it is close to being where I know it should be. I'm confident that it will be good this week. My putting has been stellar. I took a solid week off from practicing my putting--only hitting putts when playing on the golf course. I'm thinking much less and just acting on the greens. The results have been great in these two practice rounds. I'm hoping that this week will be my week to truly get hot with the putter! I'm really confident in all areas of my game right now!

I'm really feeling good about this week. I'm relaxed, confident, and happy to be doing what I do for a living. Life is good, and so is my golf game! Check back here for some good news from round one!

By the way, follow the results daily on the Tarheel Tour's website at www.egolfprofessionaltour.com.

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