Monday, March 29, 2010

Working Order

Both my car and my golf game seem to be in working order. I honestly have not done anything to fix my car other than refresh the antifreeze, but a 300-mile trip from Columbia, South Carolina, to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA, did not faze it. After the long day that ended with my heartbreaking missed cut at last week's Tarheel Tour event, things seem to be falling back into place. Two good days of practice there in Columbia and another two really good days of golf at Callaway Gardens have me feeling good about my game, and I am loving life.

Golf is fun! I love it, and I'm so glad that I'm starting to remember that. I'm enjoying practicing a lot, and I know that that same attitude is spilling over into competition. I can't wait to tee it up in competition again!

After some morning practice tomorrow, I'll be heading home to Tennessee where I'll stay until Sunday before I'm off to play on the Tarheel Tour again next week. Next week's event is in a location to which I have never been: Southport, North Carolina. The golf course is a 36-hole facility called St. James Plantation, and it's about thirty minutes south of Wilmington and twenty minutes north or Myrtle Beach. I'm excited to go check out a new part of the Atlantic Coast and play some great golf! By the way, does anybody have any potential housing contacts for me in the area?

Obviously the tournament results aren't what I would like to see so far this year. I am truly excited moving forward, however, and I feel like my year is about to turn around!

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