Monday, March 15, 2010

Back in Action!

It has been a while since my last post, and a lot has been going on since then. I flew from Missouri back to Tennessee last Thursday, had three great days of practice in Tennessee, and drove to Charlotte, North Carolina Monday morning to start preparations for this week's Cabarrus Classic on the Tarheel Tour. I have settled in with a great host family near the two courses I'll be playing this week, and I am feeling ready to go! (Again, a huge thank you to everyone who came together to make arrangements for me to have a place to stay!)

In the past week, I have really gotten better! I have continued to emphasize my putting and work on my simple approach to ball-striking, and I have really worked hard to improve my wedge play. I spent some good time trying to dial in my distances with my wedges, and I'm moving towards feeling sharp! I really feel like all facets of my game are good and getting better. I'm hopeful to continue to see a positive trend this week. If I stay relaxed and enjoy myself, I know I will!

I played a practice round on Monday at River Run Country Club, which will host one of the first two rounds of the tournament, and I will practice at the tournament's main course, Cabarrus Country Club, tomorrow before the event gets started on Wednesday. I'm excited!

**sidebar: I'll be leaving the Charlotte area this Sunday heading to Columbia, South Carolina where the Tarheel Tour plays next week. I will be in the Columbia/Blythewood area. Does anybody have a housing connection there?

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  1. Hi Pete, I know some people in the Blythewood area but the contacts they had didn't work out for next week. I sent an e-mail to your mom to pass on to you. Maybe next time when you're in that area again I can do better.

    Uncle Dave


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