Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Great Weather... Almost Great Golf!

My trip to Columbia, Missouri was perfectly timed. The coldest daytime high I have felt since arriving has been something in the mid-forties, and tomorrow should mark the third consecutive day in the sixties! That's what I'm talking about! My game has reflected the weather.

I feel absolutely great about the progress I've made on the greens and in my ball-striking. After what has been a very frustrating start to the year with the putter, I am feeling very comfortable with my putting in practice and have started to see some great results on the course! From a ball-striking perspective, I am feeling much more relaxed now than earlier in the year. I have not really been working on anything in my swing. Rather, I've just been trying to ensure that my alignment is good and that my mind is quiet. I just want to get set up in a way that will allow me to hit a good shot and then let my body perform the task it has practiced so many times. It seems to be doing a good job! I'm hitting a lot of really good shots.

My wedge play still needs some work. From chipping all the way up to a full sand wedge, I just do not feel "dialed in" right now. I'm a little bit inconsistent with my contact, and that is making distance control hard to learn. Wedge play has always been one of the strengths of my game, though, and I am confident that all I need is a good practice session or two to feel like I'm right where I want to be.

I am very excited right now. My game is good and getting better, and I am having as much fun as ever preparing to compete. I am back in action on the Tarheel Tour on March 17th in Charlotte, NC. I am really looking forward to getting back on the course in tournament play. It's time to get my 2010 rolling! And I'm going to have a blast doing it!

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