Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Struggling but Ready!

Despite not feeling particularly sharp in any aspect of my game, I truly believe that I am ready to compete in this week's Tarheel Event. After two productive days of practice and a rain-induced (and much needed) day of rest over the weekend in Charlotte, I made the short trip down I-77 to Columbia, South Carolina, where I have already played my two practice rounds. Like I said, I was not really "on" in either of the practice rounds, but I feel like I am prepared to relax and play well this week.

Tomorrow I play a course called Cobblestone Park, which will be hosting only one round of this tournament. The other three rounds will be at the Columbia Country Club. The courses are very different, but both will require some degree of accuracy off of the tee and good putting on very grainy and undulating bermuda greens.

My goals for the week are to be mentally tough enough to go through my routine on each shot and be committed to every shot before I hit it and to enjoy myself the entire time that I am out there playing. If I do both of these things, I know that I will be be good enough to be in contention even if I don't find my "A" game.

I'm in a good frame of mind. I'm ready to play well. I'm ready to have fun. Bring it on Cobblestone Park and Columbia Country Club! Check here for updates!

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