Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Though my last post was titled "Ouch" and told the story of a very disappointing missed cut by a single shot, I felt good about my game when I wrote it. Those good feelings are growing. Since that day, I have practiced or played everyday, despite a couple different days of travel, and I really feel like I'm finally settling into some good feelings. Since my last update I have driven from Savannah to Tennessee where I stayed for two days, and on Monday flew to Missouri for a week back in my old stompin' ground!

I have come back at exactly the right time. The winter weather is finally breaking here in the midwest. I have had nice weather in which to practice the last couple days and have taken full advantage. I have really put an emphasis back on my putting in the last week, and that is already starting to pay dividends. I am feeling very comfortable over the putter again for the first time since the end of Q-school last year. It's a good feeling!

I'm continuing to keep my ball-striking thoughts very simple. When I practice, I'm just working on my alignment and then trusting my swing to take care of the rest. It is working. I'm hitting it better and better each day.

The weather looks great throughout my week-long stay here in Missouri. I'm super-excited to keep getting better, and can't wait to compete again! The Tarheel Tour is back in action for another two-week run in Charlotte, North Carolina, and then Columbia, South Carolina, respectively, starting March 15. I will be at both events.

I'm going to continue to emphasize my putting in the next week, but I will also be spending some quality time on the golf course honing my wedge play. Everywhere that I've been this year, it has been too cold to really work on my feel and distance control, so I'm looking forward to some 50's and possibly even 60's in the coming week. I'm going to be sharp when I come back to competition in a couple weeks!

Stay tuned for more updates...

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