Sunday, March 1, 2015

Great (Though Not Traditionally Productive) Week!

It was cold in my beautiful East Tennessee home this week. After a narrow miss in the Monday Qualifier for the PGA Tour's Honda Classic, I wanted to get home to regroup and repack for a four-week stretch of Tour events, so I flew home Monday night. I woke up to three pretty inches of snow Tuesday morning. That was nothing compared to the beauty of the additional six and a half inches that fell overnight on Wednesday! I decided (or was forced, more accurately) to call this my week off from practice requirements. I did complete a Light Fitness Routine, though, and I am feeling rested and ready to go. Despite not having my usual goal-oriented practice, I had a productive day indoors on Wednesday in Knoxville before having two great days of work in Jacksonville and Orlando on Friday and Saturday. I am starting to understand my golf swing, and the changes that I have made are starting to click. I am excited to be some place warm where I can continue to work on my game, and, as my performance last Monday showed, I am ready to compete as well!

After a smooth day of travel on Sunday, Alicia and I are in Cartagena, Colombia, where we will begin preparations tomorrow for the Tour's Karibana Championship. It is really pretty here. Here are some before and after pictures:

Obviously it is very nice here, and we arrived with just enough daylight left on Sunday to have a little fun! I want to continue having that much fun, and I know that I will. I do have a lot of work to get done this week as I plan to complete a Full Fitness Routine and Full Practice Schedule, but doing that work is very enjoyable for me when I approach it with the right attitude. I will make sure I'm efficient with my practice this week, too, bucause I feel like that waterslide is good for my golf game!

I am excited to have a great week. I have shaken off a little bit of the mental rust that plagued me in the first two Tour events of the year, and I am ready to play Peter Malnati golf. In fact, I am ready to play an improved version of Peter Malnati golf because I am better physically than I have ever been. I will have a great week here in Cartagena. Stay tuned for pre-tournament updates and, of course, great tournament reports Thursday through Sunday. 

Thank you for following and believing in me!

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