Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ready in Cartagena, Colombia

I am ready to go! I have had a great week of preparation and am excited to get this week's Tour event started. 

Cartagena is a coastal town, and the back nine of the golf course is literally ocean-front property. I think it must be the windy season because the wind has howled at 25-35 miles per hour every day. That kind of wind always makes golf shots difficult, but I feel great about the three days of work that I have had in the conditions. I am hitting the ball very solidly, and though I have struggled to get my putting drills done, I have rolled the ball beautifully in my practice rounds. I tee it up at 1:00 on Thursday, and I am ready to play well. I am going to have fun and play one shot at a time. Keep it here for reports after each round! Thank you for following!

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