Monday, March 9, 2015

Karibana Championship Wrap-up

Well, sometimes you just stink. I stunk this weekend. I posted 85, 77 in the final two rounds of the Karibana Championship and finished alone in 74th place. 74 people made the cut. Through 26 holes of the golf tournament, I had made just two bogeys and was three under par. Over the closing 46 holes, I made just one birdie and finished the event at 19 over par. Like I said, I stunk this weekend!

Now, those of you who read my blog regularly know that I'm not going to leave it at that. I won't try to find the silver lining of this weekend's performance, but I am going to talk about some positive things from my week in Cartagena, Colombia. First of all, I don't want to forget my first round. Playing in some of the most challenging conditions I have ever faced (winds of 25-35 miles per hour with even stronger gusts), I put together a very solid two-birdie, one-bogey round of 71 to open the tournament. On Friday, I stayed tough in conditions that worsened even beyond those of Thursday's round to post a good enough score to advance to the weekend. And (I lied; I am going to find the silver lining), I actually struck the ball solidly even over my weekend rounds. I'm definitely not saying that I played well or that I will remember this week as an overall positive experience, but there definitely are good things from Karibana Championship that I will carry with me as I move forward. 

And I have already moved forward, figuratively and literally. Alicia and I took a red-eye flight Sunday evening from Cartagena to Sao Paulo, Brazil. I slept well on the plane and arrived ready to get work. Alicia was less well-rested, but carried on like a trooper anyway. I had a great practice session and played nine holes at the tournament course in Brazil, and everything felt great. My game is in good shape, and I am very excited about this week! 

I would be remiss not to mention my Process Goals here in a tournament-week wrap-up. I had a fantastic week of work in Cartagena, but the same winds that ravaged the tournament play made practice drills very challenging as well. I put in a full effort all the way through Saturday, but many of my practice goals remained unfinished at the end of the week. I did, however, stay on track with my fitness routine, and I am feeling great about that. It is a new week here in Brazil, and I plan to complete my Full Practice Schedule and a Light Fitness Routine. I still plan to acheive all of my Outcome Goals, and I know that my Process Goals are the path to doing that.

I'm going to have some good practice here in Sao Paulo over the next two days, and I'll come back with a pre-tournament report on Wednesday. Thank you for following and believing in me; don't give up!

pictures from our hotel room in Sao Paulo

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