Saturday, March 7, 2015

Karibana Championship Saturday

It's not a good practice to complain or worry about things that are not under my control, but I am frustrated with this week in Cartagena. I played 13 holes of my third round, and all 13 of them were in winds blowing in excess of 25 miles per hour. Saturday featured a nearly three-hour wind delay, though when we resumed play at 5:00 PM, the winds had not calmed at all. I am currently nine over par through 13 holes of the third round, so that certainly contributes to my displeasure. The wind, the delays, and my high score all have me frustrated, but in reality, I'm still hitting the ball very solidly. I feel like my game is in good shape, and I am excited about that. The officials are hoping to complete 72 holes, which is a lofty expectation with even higher winds predicted for Sunday, but I am excited to keep competing. If I get to play 23 holes on Sunday, I'm going to play them all one shot at a time with a positive attitude. My game is good, and good scores are coming! Thank you for following and believing in me. Keep it here for a final-day report and tournament summary soon!

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