Sunday, January 4, 2015

It Is 2015!

I am incredibly excited to get this new year started! I did not have the year that I had hoped to have in 2014 as a rookie on the PGA Tour, but I thoroughly believe that I learned exactly what I was supposed to learn, and I am now very motivated to get back there. I will begin the 2015 season on the Tour and will have a plethora of ways to earn my PGA Tour Card again. 2015 is going to be a big year for me.

The 2014 season taught me a number of things. The first and most obvious thing that I learned is that I need to get better. I have always been striving for steady improvement throughout my career, but I learned in 2014 that I need to be very intentional about becoming a more consistent ball-striker. To address this, I did an early off-season search for an instructor who could offer some fresh input, and I have worked incredibly hard over the past two months on some new swing thoughts that are helping me to swing the club more simply, more efficiently, and more consistently. I also learned in 2014 that my dedication to a practice schedule is paramount to my success. I found that the PGA Tour is full of distractions, and I know that to a lesser degree the Tour is as well. I need to stay focused on my business and get my work done. I did a very poor job of following my practice schedule for the first two-thirds of 2014, and I never felt great about my game during the season. For the last couple months of the year, I learned ways to overcome the distractions, and I started to have great practice. It's all about making choices, and for me, prioritizing my style of practice is the right choice to play my best golf. The last thing I learned in 2014 is that I absolutely am good enough to play on the PGA Tour. Though I was frustratingly inconsistent, my results were not all bad. I was good on the weekends. I had three top-20 finishes, and, though my sample size was small, I led the PGA Tour in final-round scoring average. I am good enough to be very succesful at the highest level of golf, and using the lessons I learned in 2014 is going to help me realize that potential.

I have lofty goals for the 2015 sesaon. You can read all of my goals in the link titled "2015 Goals" at the top of the page. As I have done the last several years, my goals are categorized as Outcome Goals, Statistical Goals, and Process Goals. My number ONE Outcome Goal for 2015 is to earn my PGA Tour Card for the 2015-2016 season. Additional Outcomes I would like to acheive are winning an event on the Tour and then winning three events on the Tour to recieve a mid-season promotion to the PGA Tour. These are the Outcome Goals that I have set for 2015. The way for me to acheive these outcomes is to follow my Process Goals. My experiences over the past three years have shaped this year's version of my Process Goals, and I feel like they are very good. You have heard (and will continue to hear) me refer to my Process Goals as "Map Goals." The reason I do this is because my Process Goals are the "directions" that will help me reach "destinations" (Outcome Goals) for which I am striving. My Process Goals set out my weekly practice and workout plan and create a schedule that holds me accountable for completing my work. This year's version has some built-in flexibility in the form of light weeks and even off weeks that work into the system every five weeks. That flexibility is important because it will allow me to stay fresh and sharp without feeling like I am falling off-schedule. I am very happy with my Goals for 2015. I feel like my Outcome Goals are lofty but attainable, and I feel like my Process Goals are the best that I've ever created. I officially get to work on my 2015 season starting Monday, January 5, so it is go-time!

I am so excited for this year. I have had a great off-season, and I am ready to get the 2015 season started. I feel that I am prepared mentally and physically to have a great year. Keep it here to enjoy this fun ride with me. Thank you very much for believing in me and caring about me! Great stuff is coming!


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  2. We look forward to seeing you take care of business in 2015! Good luck in everything you do!

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